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The Last Days of the World

The Last Days of the World

"Fantastic. That's what I would call this piece "Last Days of the World". It is difficult to label because it transcends all of its influences. It walks the line between abstract expressionism and romanticism. It's as if J.M.W Turner, Van Gogh, and Anselm Kiefer met Hieronymus Bosch in the book of Revelations and created a strange and brilliant love child. This piece embodies the tension between beauty and the sublime. It is both relevant in a contemporary context and an eternal statement of the human soul. Whatever label one chooses, this piece will defy that classification due simply to its subtle virtuosity. "Last Days of the World", it is aptly named. Because it is a summation of all that was once great about the last 200 years of painting. If one must give it a label (as sometimes is necessary), it demands something equal to its eloquence. A few things come to mind: Abstract Romanticism, Re-constructionism, Eschatism... I do not mete out praise easily or liberally, but this is one of those rare occasions when I actually feel a touch of envy."

—Richard Scott, Artist, Art Critic, Art Babel