Nickolai Atanassov

Artist Statement

Nikolai AtanassovThe aspiration to discover and portray the beauty that is central to art in general is formative to my development as an artist. Different layers exist in my paintings that depict movement and dynamics. From a distance or at a glance, you see an abstract whirl of colors. But closer scrutiny reveals real-life figures and details—people and animals, elements and landscapes, different objects and plots. Each painting unveils a mystery where the intent observer is also a participant with his imagination and emotions. My art portrays fragments of reality.

In the process of finding my own style and idiosyncrasy, I have been influenced by the Old Masters, Post-impressionism, Surrealism, Modernism, as well as Bulgarian Art. The wealth and mysticism of colors, the clear forms and elements typical of Bulgarian folklore art have stayed in my heart. I am inspired by nature, people, literature, history, science, mysticism, and much more.

My art style is related to the string theory, a branch of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Paint explodes without control, running together with variations of vibration and light. The lines travel like rivers within the mountains to organize and control the mad run of flowing colors. With this style I want to represent the idea of Unus Mundus—one world—visible and invisible, together. Science suggests the existence of eleven dimensions. I aspire to show as many dimensions as I can through my art.

Quantum physic discussions suggest that all substantial matter is concentrations of thoughts and information. With this thought in mind, I want to lead the viewer to spend enough time observing lines, shapes, colors, and shades, and to disappear into a world of changes. Upon losing themselves inside my world, they will discover their own variations of multiple universes. When the infinity of probabilities is changed by their own thoughts, the observer is able to enter other dimensions, and thus becomes a creator too. The real trip to life is not to be in the known, but be in the mystery.